Hitchhiking in Bulgaria and Romania (Alone)

When I told this idea to some friends, their first reaction was “DON’T DO IT”. The reasons quite made sense like you can get raped, killed, robbed, and other worst ideas that can happen. Even my Bulgarian friend told me not to do it if I’m alone.

Waiting for a ride to Warna, Bulgaria

Ate with my new friend in Cluj-Napoca

In the end, I did it. I hitchhiked in Bulgaria and Romania.
At first, I doubted this idea, like what if all those things that my friends told me becoming true. But hell… if people are destined to die, they will die anywhere, anyhow.

With Doro, my Romanian friend from Bucharest

So, my first hitchhiking attempt was from Sofia to Plovdiv (144 km). I did it with my new Morrocan friend, Othman. I have to admit, if I didn't meet him or he didn't want to join me hitchhiking, maybe I wouldn't have the gut to hitchhike the whole trip. I believe that God sent Othman to lit my ‘gut’ to hitchhike.

After waiting for 45 minutes on the highway, finally, we got picked up by a really nice Bulgarian man (which we stupidly forgot to ask his name). We had a great conversation and nice companion until Plovdiv.

Sofia - Plovdiv

After Plovdiv, I wanted to continue to Nessebar (direction Burgas). At first, I wanted to take a bus because I was so tired; it was almost dark (around 8 PM) and couldn't bear to wait for a ride on the highway. Plus, I was alone since Othman went back to Sofia. So it would be a crazy suicidal idea to hitchhike at that time. BUT, the bus was full. Then I had no other choice. I hit the road again waiting for a ride from Plovdiv to Burgas (251 km).

The first car that stopped was a truck, which was driven by a Turkish driver. I remember my Turkish classmate, Beril, told me to not believe Turkish people, especially man. But, I have no other choice, it was dark and cold. So I joined him. Surprisingly, the Turkish truck driver was super nice! He can’t speak English but he tried to use google translate to communicate with me (which was very dangerous because he didn't look at the street). But since he had to go to another way, so we parted in a gas station in the middle of the way from Plovdiv to Burgas. It was 11 PM, and no car stopped when I thumbed out.

The nice Turkish driver who bought me a cup of coffee

Then I gave up and slept in the gas station until the sun risen.

My bed at that time

The next morning, finally I got picked up 2 times until I arrived in Burgas!!

A lovely lawyer lady from Sliwen, Bulgaria

After spending 3 days in Nessebar, I hitchhiked again from there to Varna (100 km). I joined a nice man named Ivaylo and his girlfriend who later showed me around in Varna city and helped me to get a connection to Ruse.

With Ivaylo from Warna, Bulgaria 

Meeting Nika, Ivaylo's girlfriend

From Russe I hitchhiked again to Bucharest (75 km). Here a policeman stopped me because I tried to cross the Bulgaria – Romania bridge border by walking (where people are supposed to cross by car). But I passed the examination (of course).

Right in the border of Bulgaria and Romania

After spent a day in Bucharest, I tried hitchhiking again to Cluj-Napoca (450 km). From this route, I got picked 3 times.

Pick me until Cluj, anyone? 

Doro, a nice guy from Bucharest

In total, I hitchhiked around 1,100 km (683 miles) in these 2 countries. Mostly done alone.

Why did I do this?

Just because of a simple reason. I have no money, but I still want to travel.

What did I get?

Free ride, for sure. But the most important gift that I got is: I realized that people are nice. They are not crazy psychopaths who are ready to attack you whenever they want. Indeed, I met few bad drivers who tried to do something to me. But in the end, most of the people that I met were super nice and helpful. On my way to Cluj-Napoca, I got picked up by a sincere Christian man named Aurelian. Other than we had a great conversation, he helped me to find transportation to Budapest. We even prayed together!

Aurelian, the guy who strengthened my faith

In addition, I talked with the local people. From talking with them, I know the local culture, the habit, what should I eat or do when I visit the country. This is something that I wouldn't get if I use 'normal' transportation. It was a whole new amazing experience for me.

Soooo.... after this, I’m sure I will hitchhike again. I’m curious to meet more interesting people and get another new experience from traveling around the world! I know there are risks, but that is the fun  of life right (quoted from Jack Fang, the guy who's hitchhiking around the world)? ;)

See you again in my next post!


Vienna, 4th of May, 2017

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  1. Wahhh becca gilaa! Tapi gue juga gak heran sih lo melakukan ini. Ini memang Becca yg gue kenal. Always taking risks. Hahahaha. Untung lo aman yah bec. Sebelum artikel lo ini belom lama ini gue bahas sama simson dan kami gak akan seberani lo sih bec. Keren bec! Gue berani mungkin kalo bareng lo bec hahahaa

    1. Bwakakak... thank you yah Vic... you know me so well bgt lah Vic...😆 Ayuklah kita hitchhiking bareng! Kl gw k UK gw udh pasti hitchhike sih krn transport pasti mahal bgt disana 😣

  2. wahahahaa betul2 adventurous ESFP!
    bikin buku "A Year of Hitchhiking" sekalian kak... trus ceritain masing2 orang yg ditebengin gimana

    1. Ide bagus..! Masuk ke dalam bucket list...! 😆


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