First Day in the University of Vienna

Oktober 12, 2016
I remember one of perfume advertisement jargon in Indonesia said "The first impression is so tempting, afterward, is up to you…” or in Bahasa Indonesia “Kesan pertama begitu menggoda, selanjutnya terserah Anda
I could say that I experienced this jargon thousands of times. So many first moment experiences, which made my life as colorful as now.

Some of them are the basic first times or mainstream first times which everybody in this world had been through, such as went to school, university, working… but there are some unique first times that only me in this world who has been going through, such as I was the first country girl from my small home city who studied in one private school in Jakarta which 99.5% of the student are Chinese, except me. And other extreme first experience is, I was the first employee of the World's biggest multinational cosmetic company who threw her career to pursue something that is not clear yet in Europe (at that time I haven't get accepted in any university). There are also some good first experiences, such my first day at the University of Indonesia as a student, or my first success creating an event in my previous company. But, there are also some bad first experiences such as losing my mom and leaving my family for a long time.

Anyway, whatever first experience that I’ve ever had, I never regret it. Because I know that Someone arranged it to make me as a better person.

This week I have another good first experience, which was first day studying at the University of Vienna. I could say the first impression was so tempting.
At first, I really have a tremendous anxiety. I was afraid that I couldn't cope with all the subjects since it is quite different with my Bachelor studies. I was nervous meeting with the other students. I had so many worries which could make me suddenly throw up. But after the first day, I think it is not as bad as all of my negative thought.

It was started from the day before the first lecturing day. I had a wonderful welcoming dinner where I could meet the professor, the previous students from my program (FYI, this program is only 1-year-old, so I will be the 2nd batch alumni from this program), and also with my colleagues from the same batch. It was a really nice dinner (aside from the delicious free food). This kind of orientation is really different with my bachelor orientation in which I said really stupid, lots of bullying and many illogical tasks to do.

The excitement continued to the first day of lecturing. On the first day, the classes were actually only consisted of introduction and explanation of syllabus, tasks, and exam. But since all topics are really new and very different from what I did and learned before, it really gave me so many happiness and excitement! In the second class, we were in the class only for 30 minutes.. or less I think. After delivering the syllabus, the professor said, “well, I think that’s all from me… and if you don't have any questions, then you can get out now” which followed by confused faces from all students. But we got out anyway. So after that short and no bullshit course, we decided to have selfie and strolling around our lovely university.

Took pictures with hungry face

Anyway, it was a really good first experience and I am looking forward to having another exciting first experience in this university.


Vienna, October 12th, 2016

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