The Family of Travelers: Aziz, Anna, and Gabi

After a long hibernation, today I posted my interview with one of my favorite family in Germany. They are Indonesians who live in Germany for years. They love to travel! In the previous interviews, I mainly interviewed single travelers or couple, but not yet interviewing a family. Traveling in a family could be tricky and has its own challenges compared to solo traveling. Therefore, in this post, I would like to explore more how does this family travel and have fun together! Have a good reading!

Please introduce yourself, who are you, and what is your current activity?

Gabi, Aziz and Anna

I am Aziz, now working as a controller in a media company (distribution for the largest magazine publisher in Germany).

Anna, my wife, is a scientist in Helmholtz Zentrum Munich.

Gabi, or Gabrielle, is a student at LMU (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), majoring in Chemistry.


Why did you decide to stay in Munich?

Aziz and Anna at Siegestor, Munich

Because Anna got an offer to do her Ph.D. back in 2005 and worked here afterward. And Munich is a beautiful, pleasant city.


What is your favorite spot in Munich?

The triangle Karlsplatz - Marienplatz - Odeonsplatz is a safe bet to enjoy the bustling of the city where the city's landmarks are located, stores to visit and being part of human flock. 

Residenz München

The city park, English Garden, is enjoyable to stroll, ride a bike, picknick or eat in beer garten. 

Englischer Garten, Munich

The street between the Munich's gate (Siegestor/Gate of Victory) to Odeonsplatz gives a distinct feeling with the beautiful buildings including campus of Ludwig Maximilian University.  My fave spot is in Cafe Rischart at Marienplatz adjacent to big windows overlooking Rathaus, but you need perfect timing and tons of luck to get a seat there. Hofgarten at Odeonsplatz offers both serenity and festivity (in summer when people dance under the gazebo).

Do you have any favorite restaurant/ café/ bar in Munich?

Ramen at TAKUMI is otherworldly. The noodles are imported directly from Sapporo, Japan but once you bite you can still trace its freshness. The broth is surreally delicious. The side dishes (gyoza/dumplings, karaage/fried chicken) are similarly tasty.

Sapporo Ramen TAKUMI Munich

Cafes around Munich are all good. 

We don't go to the bar. :)

(by the way, this family also loves cooking, especially Indonesian food. Whenever I visited them, they always treated me with Indonesian home cooking... Tasted really gooood...)

I was having Bakso (Indonesian meatball) with the family

We were having lunch, accompanied by a fabulous view of Alps Mountain, Berchtesgaden

Nasi goreng kambing, the dish prepared by Anna and Aziz when I visited them in August this year


How long have you been married and have a child?

We married in 1999 and Gabi was born two years after. 

Wedding picture of Aziz and Anna

Forever lovebirds

Aziz and Gabi


Since when did you start traveling?

Since we moved to Germany because 1) Europe is within easy reach, 2) Gabi could walk on her own.

The family milestone

One Christmas Eve in Strasbourg, France

Do the three of you always travel together?

At many times, yes. Except when Gabi traveled to Indonesia alone (several times) or did a school trip.

Family picture in Volendam, Netherlands

One Christmas Eve in Prague, Czech Republic

A visit in Cambridge, England


Which city do you like the most?

Aziz: impossible to rank. I like cities like Venice, Rome, Barcelona, Marseille, Paris, Edinburgh, London, Copenhagen, and Vienna. I love country side like Cotswolds (UK) or Alsace (France).

Posing with Alps mountain

Another pose with Alps mountain

Gabi: Gabi went to Andalusia, Spain for a school trip and fell in love with it right away. The mix of Arab and European culture and architecture and the people fascinated her. She was impressed by the beauty of Alhambra. Gabi also loves London immensely. And she always wants to visit Nordic or Scandinavia countries again.

Gabi at Andalusia, Spain

Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain

Anna: Mountains are where Anna loves to visit especially the Alps. Then visiting cities is her next passion. Doing nothing at the beach is lovely but not her ideal vacation.


More pic with Alps mountain

Please describe your traveling style in 3 words

Savvy, soulful, leisure


What are three things that you must bring during traveling

Aziz: nothing particular but I can't miss my glasses

Anna: daster (Indonesian word for woman pajamas, very comfy to wear)


An example of daster

So those are some traveling stories and tips from Aziz, Anna, and Gabi's Family! They surely have tons of stories that couldn't be told in 1 blog post because they traveled a lot! :)

I cherish the moment I have with this family because they shared many wisdoms from their life experiences. I really wish to travel or bike together (they also love to bike) with them in the near future!

If you want to know more about them, you can follow their Instagram account @aziz_himself.


See you (hopefully) soon in the next post!



Darmstadt, December 2020.

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