5 Reasons Why People Should Visit Iran

Currently, the tension between the US and Iran is increasing and I feel bad whenever I hear about this topic. I just visited Iran 2 months ago and I fell in love with this country. I can't imagine if war is really happening in a beautiful country like Iran. 

A desert close to Yazd

After contemplating for 2 months, I summarised 5 reasons why people should go to Iran. I hope these reasons can convince you that Iran is not like what media pictured about this country.

  1. Very safe and well connected. Despite all the current news about Iran and its nuclear program, it is a very safe country to travel. There's no potential threat towards tourists, except if they come with Trump 😜 The last biggest war that Iran had was in 1990 against Iraq. Since then the country becomes a peaceful nation. I also didn't find any significant problem as a female traveler. At first, I had some prejudices and worries for traveling in a Middle-East country as a woman. But Iran turned out to be a female-friendly country! I felt very safe when I walked on the street. The connection between cities in Iran is also very well connected. People can easily use a bus or plane to travel to another city. The infrastructures are well maintained (almost zero bumps on the bus).
We flew from Tehran to Shiraz with Iran Air

Got complimentary breakfast from our bus in our Yazd - Isfahan trip

  1. Culture richness. Iran has one of the oldest and most influential culture in the world. Mesopotamia, one of the areas where humans began their civilization was partly in Iran. Iran has many things to offer cultural-wise, such as mosques, museums, music, religious beliefs, etc. It is so interesting to observe how Iranian celebrate the Nowruz festival as the biggest national holiday. Despite being the Republic of Islam, Iran still preserves their Zoroastrian root. 
Jameh Mosque in Isfahan

Bazaar in Isfahan

Tabatabaei Historical House in Kashan

Amir Chakhmaq Square in Yard

  1. Affordable. I exchanged 200€ for the whole 10 days trip and in the end, there was 20€ left. It's true that I used Couchsurfing which makes accommodation cost almost zero. But even if I didn't use Couchsurfing, I'm sure I wouldn't spend more than 400€ for 10 days in Iran. Unfortunately, this condition is caused by the suffering of Iran's economy (another cause of economic sanction against Iran).
  1. Food. Persian food has the extreme extended various menu. During my stay in Iran for 10 days, I barely ate the same food in every meal! And all of them are super delicious. My favorite food in Iran is Khoresh!
Dinner at Muhammad's house in Isfahan

Lunch at Muhammad's house in Isfahan

Some street food in Isfahan

Breakfast in Shiraz

Eating giant bread in Tehran

  1. Great people. They said: saved the best for the last. Therefore, I keep this aspect as the last because, for me, people are the best thing I discovered in Iran. Iranian people are so far the most hospitable people that I met during my travel life. They are friendly, generous, willing to treat and give the best to their guests. Wherever we got hosted in Iran, whether it was in the big city, Tehran, or in a small village in Isfahan, we were always welcomed by tea, some food, and the tremendous amount of smile and warmth. I feel that we were not a foreigner to them because they treated us like a family member. I can't forget how our host in Yazd, Jafar and Negar, waited for so long until our bus departed in the terminal only to wave us goodbye. I also can't forget how Masood drove us the whole day to explore Tehran, or when we had dinner with Younes' family in Shiraz and Muhammad's family in Isfahan. My heart is just so touched whenever I remember these moments.
With our sweet hosts in Yazd, Negar & Jafar

With the greatest host in Tehran, Masood

Big dinner with Muhammad's big family in Isfahan

Eating home cook from Mama Farida in Shiraz

So these are my opinion about why people should go to Iran. It is undoubtedly an amazing country with the friendliest people you could meet in this world. I just hope the current situation will not get worse and not affecting the people's life in Iran.
Following a random guy in some rooftops in Kashan to hunt the sunset


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