4 Inspiring Young Indonesian People that I Met Last Week

Inspiration sources can come from anywhere and anyone, including ordinary people that you meet every day. I have several lists of the people from some countries that I want to feature on my blog. Since I’m a nationalist (at least trying to be), I prioritize people coming from my country and now I want to make a review about them! (I hope I didn't sound too chauvinist ^^;)

But there is a reason why I want to write about Indonesians. Last week I got exposed to a lot of Indonesian people which usually not happening in Vienna. I want to write about Indonesian people in this post because it is not easy for an Indonesian to be in Europe, especially AUSTRIA (both for traveling or staying for longer time reason). As an Indonesian, we have to get trough several painful and illogical bureaucratic processes to get inside Austria. So I always respect Indonesian people that I met in Austria! Here are 4 of them:

1.    Ata (or Natalie)
She is also a student in Vienna. To be more specific, she is studying Applied Linguistic at the University of Vienna. What makes me amazed of this girl is she studies it in the German language, which she just studied for 2 years. I learn German also 2 years ago, but so far I can only order kebab with my German -_-;
In addition to her studies, she also works in several places and she keeps passing all subjects with good grades! Besides, she has a high traveling spirit, which aligns with mine! So far she already traveled to 21 countries.

Ata in Venice, Italy

2.    Rendy
He is just so inspiring…! He already traveled to 40 countries on 5 continents! We never met in Indonesia but met in Vienna through Couchsurfing. And I’m so thankful that I met him because his traveling stories are so cool and inspiring. He has an amazing self-confidence and way of thinking.
Back in Bali (where he lives), he worked previously as a radio host and now he works as a professional wedding host (MC). He loves his job and encouraged me even more to chase my dream job in the future (which I still don't know until now…-_-;)

Rendy, hosted a beauty pageant show

3.    Arum
What else can I say about this girl? She is like my first life-savior in Vienna. She helped me to settle my life in Vienna for letting me stay in her house until I got somewhere to live. I don't have my real family here but with her existence, I think my family in Indonesia can always rest assured. Arum and her husband, Bernd, are sweet people. They are always helpful and there whenever I need them.
I love how Arum struggles to chase her future dreams. Currently she is in the process to get into a university and also works in Vienna. I’m sure with her persistence she will get anything she aims in the future.

Arum & her husband, Bernd

4.    MJ
Another Indonesian couchsurfer that I met. She lives in Jakarta but of course, we never met when I lived there. What I like about her is she traveled around Europe by herself! I really like this kind of spirit! A very brave and adventurous spirit. She is also so kind, brought so many treasures for me, such as Indonesian spices that I couldn't find in Vienna. I also love the story of how she consistently chasing her passion despite the social pressure that she gets in Indonesia.

MJ at Phi Phi Island, Thailand

I always try to make a red thread in every post I wrote. I think for this post I will have “make your dreams come true” as the theme.

"Laskar Pelangi" by Nidji, a song about chasing your dream

See you again in the next post!

Vienna, June 27th, 2017

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  2. Kalo lu ke Vienna bru gw bikin tulisan ttg elu ��

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