1001 Summer Nights

After checked out from my 5-stars hotel in Split, Croatia

I know right now I’m supposed writing my thesis proposal instead of writing a blog post. But the more I try to write my thesis proposal, the more urge I have to write a blog post. I think that is the law of attraction…? Or the law of distraction…? Whatever…

Anyway, I just want to update you, my millions of readers (I wish), about how I spent my second summer in Europe!

My first trip started at the beginning of July, I decided to do the second Balkan trip because I love this region so much. The reasons are: nature and landscape are amazing, people are nice, the price is cheap, and the food is delicious. This time I decided to go to Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. And in the end, I managed to go to 4 cities which are Split, Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Sarajevo. Officially, I stepped on more cities such as Zagreb, Tuzla, and Visoko. But they are not counted since I didn't spend a night there.

Split, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia
After that I need to work in Kitzbühle, it is located in Tyrol (a province in Austria) and enjoyed the majestic view of Alps mountains.

Kitzbühle, Austria
After Kitzbühle, I was quite confused because I had 3 days free from work and I really want to go to a new country. Then I decided to go to Brussels, Belgium, the only country that I haven't visited in Benelux region.

After Brussels, I decided to realize my longingness for a Baltic trip and I did it! Though I only managed to go to two countries which are Lithuania and Latvia.

And then I went to Wörthersee, a big beautiful lake in Carinthia (another province in Austria) for work.

For me, summer this year was a beautiful dream. I saw so many beautiful places and met so many nice people. I love when I stared thousand of stars when I slept in a tent in Split, how magnificent are the castle and port in Dubrovnik, how anciently glorious is the Old Bridge in Mostar, the reminiscence of how World War I started in Sarajevo, how delicious are Belgian waffles and chocolate, how beautiful are lakes and mountains in Austria, how cute and tranquil are Vilnius and Riga.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium

Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Kitzbühle, Austria

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I love how I met with many interesting and nice people when I hitchhike, though it was not always perfectly smooth. I really love the moment when I sang and played ukulele for 2 hours with a Croatian truck driver from Linz to Passau. I met 3 Switzerland guys who treated me for lunch and dinner in fancy restaurants during my route from Mostar to Sarajevo! Sometimes you can be really so lucky when you hitchhike (or so unlucky…-_-)!

A Croatian driver who really likes to sing!
I also got so many amazing Couchsurfing host for the whole trip! My host in Mostar is a really nice guy who apparently is the son of a Bosnian movie star! I got an Egyptian host in Sarajevo who cooked a really delicious potato puree for breakfast. My host in Brussels was a kind woman who nicely accepts my sudden request, otherwise, I would end up sleeping on the street. Even though I burnt my host’s couch in Vilnius, he forgave me and didn't kick me out of the flat. And my host in Riga is just so cool because he has Indonesian jacket!

My host in Sarajevo

Met a famous Bosnian singer, Dino Merlin, in Sarajevo

So now, unfortunately, I’m locked in my room because I’ve been away too long and need to fulfill all the university’s assignments… ☹

I will post the detailed itinerary and some recommendations about the places that I visited for the next times…! (if I manage to survive all the deadlines for my assignments *fingers crossed)

Vienna, November 11th, 2017

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  1. Haha you dont need millions of readers, Im definitely reading you! :) Croatia is just beautiful!


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