Hello Indonesia!

November 13, 2017
What do you think when I said ‘Indonesia’?

Some foreigners may think that Indonesia, a country where Bali is, an exotic warm country with a lot of beaches, place where you can meet orangutan and other endangered rare animal species, diving spots.

Some Indonesians may think that Indonesia, a country that is too hot, too many corruption, stupid bureaucratic, price are just kept crazily increases every time.

What about me? What do I think about Indonesia after my stay in Europe for 2 years?

At first, when I came back from Europe to Indonesia, of course, I became those Indonesian jerks who always make stupid comparisons about how bad is Indonesia compare to Europe or other advanced countries. There was no day without complaining how hot is the temperature, how bad is the traffic (especially in Jakarta which really made me want to kill myself), how messy are everything, how I hate the government for being so corrupted and ignorant to small people.

Traffic in Jakarta, courtesy of Jakarta Post

Then I realize, it is so unfair to make such comparison. Indonesia is not a four seasons country, it is a country with so many people (the 4th most populated country in the world, so many and diverse cultures, and habits. A country who just got its independence 72 years ago and suffered a tyrannical government for 32 years which I know not the excuses to be a developed country forever. But people should really be careful when they want to compare Indonesia with advanced countries.

There are so many things in Indonesia to be celebrated and thanked such as the food (!), the natures, the beaches, the mountains, the village, the diverse cultures, and some particular people (especially the one in rural and village area). Another good thing is, when I came back from Europe and think about Euro when I shopped, everything becomes so cheap!

Karimun Jawa Island

The Legendary 'Nasi Padang'

Lombok Island

So will I come back to Indonesia? Will I change my citizenship?

These are some questions that I don't the answer yet since everything in my future is so unclear at the moment. Just never say never.

For sure, I have this love and hate relationship with my country. Sometimes I love it when I eat my tempe and look at my holiday pictures in Lombok and Karimun Jawa Island, but then I hate it when I watch so many news about the foolish religion radicalize, corrupted government, how bad and materialistic is the life in Jakarta.

But I think it is normal in a relationship right? People cannot just love their country 100%, they should always criticize all wrongdoings in their country. If they love their country too much, there is a possibility to become a chauvinist and racist (or possessive in a real romantic relationship :p).

To be short, you can categorize me as those stupid optimists who believe that Indonesia will be a real big country in the future, in which all nations look up at it. And I still want to be a part of Indonesia when it happens.

See you in the next post!

Vienna, November 13th, 2017

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