April 15, 2022

 Hi ma,

It has been 10 years since you left us, but I can still remember vividly every second what happened at April 15, 2012.

How nervous I was when I received the call that you were in the hospital

How squeezed my emotion was waiting for you to wake up outside the emergency room

How crushed I was when one of my aunt told me to go inside the emergency room, to find that you just left

I didn’t want to believe and accept it

I begged to doctor and nurse to do something, maybe operate you or give you an electrical shock like in the movies. However, they said nothing can be done anymore.

I felt my heart just dropped when started to realize that you left us for real…

Since then, there is an empty space in my heart, that can’t be replaced with anything in this world.

Your presence, your unconditional love, your smile, your kindness, your laugh.

Even after 10 years

Ma, sometimes I’m jealous to see other people who still have mom, think ‘how lucky they are…’

But I think I’m lucky too. I can have a wonderful person like you as my mom.

I will never be able to forget you…

Thank you ma for everything… I love you.



April 15, 2022

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