8 Hours in Trieste: Unexplored Hidden Gem in Italy!

Other than being kicked out from a hotel in Trieste because we broke in and slept in the hotel lobby at 5 AM in the morning, I would like to recommend few other tips for you who want to spend a good time in Trieste.

By the way, I got ended here because I bought a 10 Euro promo ticket from Vienna to Ljubljana with an 8 hours transit in Trieste. Yeah, my ‘wanderlust’ soul just couldn’t help to see new places (and cheap ticket).

So here are some lists of things that you can do if you have the chance to visit Trieste.

1. Take a walk in the city seafront
Trieste is a city that located in the Northeastern of Italy and close to the Slovenian border. It is famous for its harbor and canal view and it was so pretty in the morning.

2. Go to Miramare Castle
To get to this castle, you have to take a bus from Trieste city center for around 4 Euro back and forth. I don’t know why but this castle made me like I’m in telenovela. After I read the history, then I understood why I felt that way. It was because a Mexican Emperor once owned this castle. I was so amazed by this castle because they have beautiful a small pond and the ambience of the place in general are very cute and quiet.

3. Eat pizza
Since I had not so much time there, I can only recommend those 2 places. The rest that I can recommend is just eating pizza. Since Trieste is in Italy, of course you have to eat pizza there… or pasta. Haha… sorry, this is not a really helpful post I bet.

Anyway, actually you can also visit some other spots like eating sea food SaluMare, some museums and hiking or caving spots.

So the moral of the story is, don’t hesitate to explore new place because you will be amazed by new thing or place that you never expect before.

With my travel mate, Ankur

See you again in my next post, Ljubljana!

Vienna, May 17th 2017

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