How to Stay Classy in A Low-Budget Trip

Despite my extreme and hard-core attempts to minimize my traveling cost, I always try to pamper myself by staying classy. Other than to look good on the pictures, I stay classy also to give value to my trip and confidence to myself.

So here are some tips from me for your classy low-budget trip:

1.     Always prepare one or two nice dresses (or bikini).
You will need it somehow either for going to a nice restaurant or to a club. You never know. But it won’t hurt you to prepare a cute dress or pretty bikini (on a beach) for your trip

My beach outfit in Karimun Jawa Beach

You never go wrong with little black dress

2.     No negotiation for make up and accessories
      I admit that I’m a tomboy woman, and sometimes I felt uncomfortable when I looked ‘too’ woman or girly. But I know to look good on pictures, we still need those artificial things namely make up and accessories.

Not many but enough

(Fake) diamond is women's best friend 

3.     No matter how heavy is my backpack, there is always room for my flat iron.
I love straight hair. And my hair is curly. So flat iron is my basic need after rice.

My legendary flat iron

4.     Down to earth with your sneakers and flats.
I know that a woman looks super fabulous with their high heels. But I want to enjoy my trip!! I'm sure after using high heels and walk 5-10 km per day I would be very far from stay classy.

Not so pretty sneakers, but I don't care

5.     Rock your night with red lipstick.
Red lipstick will save your ordinary look and makes you become the ‘it’ girl for that night.

The essential of stunning look

6.     Basics are still important.
Sunglass, raincoat (for you and your backpack), medicine, money, passport and visa! Maybe it sounds too basic, but you cannot stay classy when a police is interrogating you because of your passport and visa are expired.

So I think those are some tips for me. Let me know in comment section if you have some other tips to stay classy on your trip ;) .


Vienna, May 18th 2017

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