24 Hours in Venice (Missed my bus!!)

Mei 07, 2017

Venice has become one city on my priority list to visit. It became true when I got a promo ticket from Helloe bus (new bus company in Austria). The promo was 10 Euro ticket for every destination in Helloe bus connection, which Vienna – Venice is also included. Without thinking too long, impulsively, I bought that ticket! So, it was 20 Euro for back & forth ticket Vienna – Venice. A perfect plan to save money!

Bartolomeo Colleoni statue in San Marco

The dreamed (crazily expensive to ride) gondola

Took a pic somewhere without water

Mask for Carnival of Venice in March

I departed from Vienna on Wednesday night, arrived in Venice on Thursday morning, and planned to go back to Vienna on Thursday night so I can be in Vienna again on Friday morning (I have to work on Friday at 16:00 in Vienna). At least that was what I planned.

At the famous Venice Grand Canal

When I arrived in Venice, as I thought, I only could feel amazed the whole day. The views in the city are very beautiful, new and unique. Since I was a kid, I always dreamt about this city where people transport to everywhere by using boat or gondola. 

Cannot go to Italy without eating pizza

A slice of pizza around 3 Euros

I spent the half-day getting around the main island of Venice (Piazza San Marco, etc). Then I continued to other islands (Murano, Burano, etc). To go to these islands, I bought waterbus 24 hours ticket for 20 Euro. Quite expensive, though.

Queueing in the water bus

View from the water bus (not bad, eh?)

Anyway, Burano is also very very very beautiful (I want to put a thousand verys). It is a small village in an island around 11 km from the Venice’s main island. The characteristic of the place is so different from the main island. In the main island, the buildings are classic and old. While in Burano, the style seems more contemporary and colorful. What makes Burano so special for me is the color harmony, the quietness, and it is just cute.

The magical land called Burano

No matter what happen or how long you stay in Venice, going to Burano is a MUST!

Canals in Burano

At 6 PM I tried to go back to the main island since my bus will leave at 9 PM. But because of my stupidity, I mistook the bus station (simply put, I waited in the wrong station), and then unsurprisingly, I missed the bus.

Fortunately, there was another bus from the same company (Helloe) came 30 minutes after that. They didn’t go to Vienna, but to Munich. But they said I can join them until Munich, for free.

Soooo… in the end I joined them until Munich, then I took Flixbus from Munich to Vienna for 25 Euro… yeah, the cost saving plan was ruined because of my endless stupidity… -_-;

But, other than this misfortune story, spending 24 hours in Venice (even less), is very doable and fun! I really love this city… Venice is one of the cities that I will visit again in the future…

See you again Venice!


Vienna, May 7th, 2017

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