Let's Take Public Transport!

One thing that I like most from living in Europe (especially in Vienna) is the transportation system. I am very mobile and really like to go here and there. I found that I could do that easily here because the transportation schedule is clear, almost 100% punctual so I can organize my plan efficiently. When I lived in Jakarta, I always tried to use public transport even though it is really shitty and unpredictable due to the bizarre traffic jam.

Do I look serious enough?

I hate to use taxi because, aside from the high tariff, I don't like the feeling spending 2-3 hours alone inside a taxi. It is a waste of energy and money to spend on one person. I'm aware of the existence from Uber buddy where you can share the usage of Uber Car with someone else who has the same destination. But I still don't like the idea that a proper transportation only can be enjoyed by some exclusive groups.

Tram in front of Rathaus (Cityhall)

People took tram in Vienna

I really like the idea of busway, monorail and other proper public transportation in Jakarta where people from every economic status can enjoy the same comfort and save a lot of energy and money. However, people in Jakarta still need to wait for the realization of this plan at least for 2 years from now. Maybe longer… to see this plan really running well.

This thought reminds me the concept of collaborative consumption or sharing economy. The hot issue. My favorite podcast host, Adriano Qalbi, said that sharing economy is the same as socialism, where people can get the same goods and services. Sharing economy is just a cool term for socialism with an online platform base. Which is quite true.

I never become a big fan of capitalism since the beginning. But I also don't like that no matter how hard people work, they will get the same appreciation as in socialism. Nevertheless, the merit-based appreciation in capitalism is my preference. Even so, I never place myself in any extreme economic pole.

Back to sharing economy, I feel this is the most relevant idea in my life, and I think so do a lot of young people around my age. I like that I can consume something together with a cheap price. For the moment, I hate being tied with something like housing loans, car loans, etc etc. I know by saying this, a financial advisor will say, then how will you spend your retirement time if you don't start to build your house and investment from now?

I will be lying if I say I don't care. But I choose to do something that I like and more important to me. I don't want to limit myself enjoying my life by tying myself with those things. Do you think I will be able to study abroad, traveling, enjoy many new things and meet lots of wonderful new people if I still become a company slave in order to fulfill my housing loans which maybe will be fully paid 15-20 years from now?

By the way, I didn't say that investing your money by having housing and car loans is a wrongdoing. I have some friends who are doing that and they are totally happy and fine. Everybody has their own choice that based on their objective in life.

Thus, to close this post, I really hope, and I believe, that in the future my country will have a public transportation as good as in Europe. I really hope that when I go back, I don't have to curse because I get stuck in traffic jam for 3 hours.

Vienna, October 14th, 2016

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