Short Trip to the Main Library

Oktober 16, 2016
Since I was small I always love any places related with books such as library and bookstore. Surrounded by many books gave me a feeling that life will not end because so many things to read! I prefer to read books than watch movies because I like to imagine things. Watching movies is like you are being told about everything. It limits your imagination.

Last week I borrowed some books from the library in the university’s main building. Apart from the list of books that I need to borrow, I was so amused looking at the architecture and interior of the library.

The amazement started when I entered the lobby the way to the library. There are some pictures of Nobel winners that are alumni from the University of Vienna. There is a blank space for the future Nobel winner. Who knows who will that be….

Nobel Winners from the University of Vienna
Then I continued entering to the entrance alley which filled by statues of the important professors.

The entrance alley

The statues of big professors

When I went inside deeper, the interior is even more astonishing.  This interior reminds of the 16th centuries palace.

Entrance stairs to the library
The hallway interior

There are 2 types of books in the library. The first type is the one that I can borrow and bring back to home. The second type is the one that I can only read inside the reading rooms. When I came in the reading rooms, once again, I was amazed. It is a big room with lots of tables, chair and reading lamps. It must be really comfortable to be there the whole day!

Reading room in the main library

Actually, my faculty, which located in other building in another district, also has a library (with the focus more on Communication Studies). But all of these sights maybe will make me visit the main library more often than my faculty’s library!

Finally, I closed my short trip by taking a look of Votivkirche that is located near from the university's main building. Then I whispered, "Indeed, this is really a beautiful city..."

Votivkirche in front of the University of Vienna

Vienna, October 16th, 2016

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