One Fine Artsy Day

Since I like everything related to art and photography, today I went to some art and photographs exhibitions in Vienna. The first one is World Press Photo exhibition in Westlicht, a showing place for photography.

Westlich Photo Exhibition

This photograph exhibition looked normal in the beginning. But when I observed the photographs and read the description, I never know that attending a photo exhibition could move my emotion that much. Below are some pictures that moved my heart...

Orangutan in Indonesia
Reptiles life in Mexico
Pagan ceremony in Spain

Victim from fights in Honduras

Syrian refugees

Syrian war victim

Old couple who have Cancer and spent their last time in the world together

Dark cloud in Australia's beach

Wrestling cultures in Senegal

The second exhibition that I went to was MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst). Well, the reason I came here is just because there was no entrance fee only for today. The museum consists of 4 stages and it is really recommended for anyone who likes modern arts. There are artworks made of canvas, clay, tables, jacket and many others.

Actually, the visitors are not allowed to take pictures. But I did take some pictures.'

An artwork in a corner

Painting in a jacket

It just some examples, but there are lots of other fascinating artworks in this Museum.

MUMOK Building at night

MUMOK Building at night (2)

Anyway, today was a great day because it was an eye-opener activity! It will be great if I can do it again in the future.


Vienna, October 16th, 2016

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