My 5 Most Favorite Places that I Visited So Far (until April 2018)

I have not visited a lot of places yet in this World. But one question that people always asked me is "what is your most favorite place that you already visited?"  and I do have a list of my most favorite places. 

I don't have a difficult criteria for this list. Since I like history and beautiful architecture and shape, so any city which has interesting history and breath taking views and architecture will be included in my list. 

So, here are some of my most favorite places!

1.   Chefchaouen, Morocco
Blue, blue and blue. That is the perfect description for Chefchaouen. Every corner in Chefchaouen is a piece of art. When I was there, it was raining for almost the whole day and the sky was gloomy. But the beauty of Chefchaouen couldn't be conquered down by any kind of bad weather. 

The blue color in this city was the remaining of the Jews people who lived in Chefchaouen which symbolize sky and heaven. Now those sky and heaven color becomes a charm that can bewitch anyone who comes to this city.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

2.    Kyoto, Japan
Despite the crowded situation when I visited Kyoto, I was so amazed at this city. For me, Kyoto represents the beauty of timeless classic Japan that would not fade. 

At that time, I visited two temples (Kiyomizu dera and Ginkakuji) and I was so astonished by the perfect ancient architecture, a solitude elegance, yet majestic, and how clean are the temples. 

Sitting in the middle of the temple, looking at the pond, small trees and bonsais, feeling the blowing wind in the afternoon, these are the precious memories that I always remember about Kyoto and Japan.

Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

3.    Nessebar, Bulgaria
Visiting this place reminded me of my childhood dream of becoming an archeologist and also my favorite manga, Master Keaton. The alleys in Nesebar reminded me of how Keaton tried to escape from the enemies in the ancient ruins. 

What I love from Nesebar is the thought of how people from thousand years ago could think so advance and made such a beautiful architecture. This brought me to a conclusion: if the human really uses their brain and heart, they can make amazing things to build a better culture and society.

Church of Christ Pantocrator, Nessebar, Bulgaria

4.    Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
In terms of social and cultural aspects, Mostar is a real representation of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The city is divided by a river the middle of the city, in which left is the Christian part and right is the Muslim part. But people live peacefully in this city. 

In terms of attraction spots, the Old Bridge could be the main reason of how Mostar becomes so attractive. It might be very crowded during the day, but when I visited it in the early morning when the sun just rises and nobody was there, I felt like I was dragged to one of the bridges in the paradise.

Stari Most, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

5.    Mojo Island, Indonesia
To put Moyo Island in this list as one of my favorite place in Indonesia was a hard decision because there are so many places that I love in Indonesia, such as Lake Toba, Tana Toraja, Lombok, Karimun Jawa Island, and many more. But I will put them in another post because now I need to write about this amazing place called Mojo Island.

Mojo Island has something that another island doesn't have: an economical privacy. There were only me and another 1 tourist from South Africa when I was there. There are not so many tourists visiting this island because it is so difficult and people needed to spend a lot of time long to reach the island. It is economical because the price for the accommodation in Mojo island is not expensive at all. And with that price, visitors can have tons of luxurious views like the one what I had.

Matajitu Waterfall, Mojo Island, Indonesia

So, those all some places that I really like and if I can, I’d like to visit again and I think all of the readers of my blog have to visit!

See you again on another list!


Vienna, May 3rd, 2018

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