Marta, The Professional Consultant & A Badass Traveler

Februari 18, 2019
During traveling I met many people which became my friends. Some I met for just a short time, got separated and never get in touch anymore. But during my trip in Jordan, I met a wonderful new friend who became one of the best traveling buddy that I've ever had! She is a badass traveler! I won't forget how we walked and hiked for 36 kilometers in Petra!
So, this time I got a chance to do an interview with her. We will know how she did all the trips and also works as a successful business consultant!

Please introduce yourself

My name is Marta, I was born and raised in Poland, I work as a business consultant and I love to travel.

How do you manage your time between working as a business consultant (with long working hours) and traveling? Give us some tips!

I’ve been lucky to not have long working hours too often :) It’s true that my work requires a lot of flexibility, and to cope with this life you must be able to adapt to the new environments quickly.
So far, I have worked in over 10 countries on 3 continents, and I always tried to treat my workplace as a travel destination too – what I do is I try to explore the new places either after work or by staying there for weekends, when it’s possible. It only requires a bit of planning, sometimes last-minute, so I never make long-term plans, just to be able to take the chances when they appear. So as you can see, because I travel a lot for work, I take it as a benefit also on a private level, and not just focus on office-hotel mode.

Why do you like to travel?

Wouldn’t it be obvious if I say that it broadens one’s mind :)
I love exploring new places, learning how people live, how their life is organized, how they deal with the climate of a place, what is the nature there like. Traveling is better than watching any travel TV programs because I experience and see things with my eyes and those pictures stay in my mind longer.
Honestly, I think that travelling is the best thing I can spend my money on - I learn, I enjoy, I’m being pushed to the limits, challenged, surprised. All spectrum of feelings I would not experience just by living comfortable life in my home town… (or it might take longer) … thanks to traveling I get to know myself better, I stretch my tolerance to extreme phenomenon, I understand my reactions, and simply become stronger and more confident.

Marta in Petra, Jordan

How many countries have you already visit?

Haha, you made me do some calculations 😊 49! But I’ve also visited some places more than once: South Africa, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, … Now I can’t wait for my 50th country to visit.


Which country and city do you like the most?

Difficult question, it’s so hard to give an answer because there are different aspects of what I ‘like’. For nature - I loved Norway for their fiords, and very recently Sri Lanka also impressed me a lot with their beaches, tea plantations and greenery. In terms of work - Switzerland has been the best and I doubt any country can beat it.. If you ask me about food – Thailand and Vietnam. Friendliness of people – Jordan and Hawaii! As for the city life - NYC has been my ‘number one’ for long time...  You know it all depends on criteria, I can’t give a straight response.


Bali, Indonesia

Describe your traveling style in 3 words.

I will tell you my 3 mottos instead of 3 words
Be flexible
Ask, talk and listen to people
Go with the flow

3 things that you must bring during traveling.

1. My camera!
2. Sarong – it can serve as a scarf, dress, sometimes even towel 😊
3. Sun cream, I love sun, but too easily get red and freckled


So those are some traveling stories and tips from Marta! She changed my perception about working as an office lady won't enable us to travel! She travels in many countries and still has a rising star career! Thank you Marta for becoming one of my inspiration! ;)


If you want to know more traveling stories from Marta, you can check her blog at Martamilesaway.

See you again in the next article!

Vienna, February 18th, 2019

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