Happy 55th Birthday, My Dear Mom...

November 26, 2017

This post is dedicated to my mom, who’s supposed to have her 55th birthday today.

She is just an elementary school teacher who taught everything, from math until music and art. But I think music & art are her best expertise.

She always tried to do everything at home, from cooking until repairing the house tiles.

She liked to hike mountains when she was young and always told me the story about how she almost got lost forever in a jungle.

Though sometimes I found her jokes were lame, all of her students nominated her as the most outgoing and funniest teacher.

She had so many friends, so that whenever I walked in shopping mall or any public places in my city, there was always people greet me because they know my mom.

She is my mom, who left us like a wind, very fast, and didn't give any chance to say goodbye… she just couldn't wait to leave this finite and hollow world.

She left me a big deep hole of loss that wouldn't be recovered forever.

Back then, when I went to the same school where she taught, sometimes I felt embarrassed when she talked to me in front of my friend.

But now I would give my life so that I can talk for a second with her. To say, that I love her, now and forever.

Happy 55th birthday, ma...

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