5 Top Christmas Markets to visit in Vienna

Christmas is coming! That means time to go to Christmas market in Vienna!

For me, Christmas market is where I can feel warm and entertained during the winter. Despite that the sun goes down very early (around 4 pm), I feel not so depressed during November and December. Thanks to Christmas market. I can smell the scent of cinnamon, vanilla, honey, hot wine, and other sweet fragrance that can cheer me up.

There are so many Christmas market in Vienna, around 15 – 16 (the main one) and some other small Christmas market (usually only for 2 – 3 days in the weekend).

From all Christmas market in Vienna, these are my top five:

1. Spittelberg
The market is located in the popular hipster location in Vienna (near Museumsquartier and Neubaugasse). What I like from this Christmas market is how the market divided into several cute alleys. There is a big possibility you will get bumped to everybody when you want to walk through the alley which makes it really unique and sweet.

One corner in Spittelberg

2. Karlskirche
The location of the market is already unbeatable. Without the existence of Christmas market there, Karlskirche is already beautiful. With Christmas market, it is even more beautiful, due to the magnificent lighting. In the normal time, there is a fountain in front of the church. But when the Christmas market is there, the fountain is dried and filled with straws and some goats or other cattles. Perfect show to entertain the children (and some adults)!

Karlskirche with Christmas Market

3. Altes AKH
To be honest, I like this Christmas market because it is the nearest one from my house! ^^; but it is still a nice Christmas market!

4. Rathaus
The reason I like Rathaus’ Christmas market is almost similar to why I like the one in Karlskirche: beautiful background. Rathaus is one of the most beautiful building in Vienna for me. I really enjoy looking at it while drinking my hot wein. For people who like to do ice skating, going to Rathaus’ Christmas market is a must! There is an ice skating arena in the Rathaus’ Christmas market from the end of November until the end of February.

Rathaus' Christmas Market during the night

Rathaus' Christmas Market during the day
5. Schönbrunn
Schönbrunn is also one of my most favorite place in Vienna because it has many beautiful gardens and sightseeings. So that makes I also like the Christmas market there. Though the content of the market are almost similar to other Christmas market, I still find it really cool! Because after walking around in the area of Schönbrunn, it is very nice to spend time drinking hot wein in the Christmas market.

Aside from this list, I also like Christmas market in other places like Stephanplatz, Museumsquartier and many more.

Let me know which Christmas market is your favorite. It could be from other countries like France and Germany also!

Enjoy the beginning of Christmas!

Vienna, November 19th 2018

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