The Beauty in Differences

November 06, 2016
“A thousand friends are too few; one enemy is too many.”
- Turkish proverb -

I won’t discuss the demonstration that just happened in Jakarta because everybody I know (in Indonesia) talked and gave their opinion about that. Since I hate to do mainstream things then I wrote about something else, which I’m sure will be more interesting.

Just last week, I visited Frankfurt, Germany, to visit some friends and also because there were 3 days off in the university.
During my trip from Vienna to Frankfurt using Flixbus, I met with a Rumanian lady who was going to visit her daughter because they would celebrate her daughter’s birthday. It was nice to talk with this lady. She shared about her struggle living in Germany after she left Rumania and also raised her daughter after divorcing.

Then when I was in Frankfurt, I had a good time with my friends. We had this Haloween (supposed to be a scary and wild) party, but in the end we ended dancing salsa in a Columbian bar. It was fun though.

Haloween (not so wild) Party

Drinking Tequilla with my best friend from Japan, Asako

Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof

When I traveled back to Vienna, I used Blablacar and I got really nice accompanies. Blablacar is an online transportation Website/ application where people can sit and ride together with other people who drive their car to the same destination.
It was a great experience because the person that gave me a ride is a friendly and warm guy. He is a Hungarian who traveled from Köln (Cologne) to Budapest with his mother. There was also another passenger which is a German guy who I thought a bit unfriendly because he seemed didn't want to talk with me. But in the end, we talked a lot.

Peter, the Hungarian guy and his mother who gave me a ride

Another interesting occasion that I attended this week was a CouchSurfing meeting. I made some new friends from Spain, Rumania, USA, Serbia, and Iran. What excites me was meeting 2 girls who will visit South East Asia (included Indonesia) next year. I couldn't stop giving them some recommendations of where they should go in Indonesia. Hearing that they will enjoy beautiful sunny beaches for 3 months really made me envy. After 1 year living in Europe, I’m starting to miss lying down in warm tropical sand…

The Couchsurfers

At first, I was afraid to meet new friends or try new things. When I said I would use Blablacar, some friends told me to not do it. They are afraid that the car owner will kidnap, rape and then kill me. It goes also for CouchSurfing. Eventually, after I used Blablacar and met CouchSurfing members, I’m still alive. So… I think it is okay to use all of those things. Of course, we still have to be aware and careful every time.

Therefore, I’m happy that I met many new friends and heard so many interesting and beautiful stories. I’m looking forward to enjoying another new adventure and new people in my life.


Vienna, November 5th, 2016

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