Live Report from Graz

November 27, 2016

I called it a live report because while I am writing this post, I am still in Graz, enjoying the rest of my short weekend.

Graz is the 2nd biggest city in Austria after Vienna. It is the same like Surabaya if I compare with cities in Indonesia. With 10x lesser population compare to Surabaya though. 

Graz's view from the top

My impression about Graz, it is an amazing little town. Indeed it is not as big and crowded as Vienna but it has everything you need when you travel: great view, good food, cheap accommodation, and of course, good pub.

Area 5, a really fancy and affordable restaurant

Walked a bit in the downtown

Kunsthaus (Art House) Graz during the day

Kunsthaus (Art House) Graz during the night

The most impressive thing in Graz is it has a castle in the middle of the city (Schlossberg) and it is located on a very high hill. Therefore, tourists have to climb around 474 meters high… with stairs, not with ropes. When I arrived at the top of the hill, there was a Christmas market where you can enjoy hot Glühwein while enjoying the view of Graz from above.
Schlossberg view from down

View from the middle of climbing


Panorama view from Schlossberg

Clock Tower

Statue from the Roman Empire

With my good companion

Christmas market in Schlossberg

A mysterious cave in Schlossberg

Raclette anyone?

Hot Glühwein

Cable car going down

Afterward, I went downtown to have some lunch at the local restaurant, Continuum. What’s unique from this restaurant is you can mix and match your food. For example, if you choose a burger, you will get basic things such as burger bread and meat, then you have to choose your own topping such as mushroom, ham, pickles, sardines, or other (there are more than 15 choices). The burger was really delicious! And big…

During the night, I met with my classmates, Amanda, who was visiting her boyfriend, John, who lives in Graz. We went to Christmas market and spent a good time there. Even though I went to a lot of Christmas market in Germany and France, it is still nice to see another new type of Christmas market in other cities, such as Graz.

Lovely weekend with lovely people

Lovely weekend with lovely people (2)

Anyway, it was a good experience in Graz. I would like to visit it again in the future!

Graz, November 27th 2016

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  1. Whoa, I didn't know Graz is that pretty. I should have came by when I was in Vienna :(
    Nice post anyway

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! Sorry for my so late reply! :D Indeed Graz is very pretty! And please do contact me if you happen to visit Vienna...:) And you have a really nice blog!

      I have new post from my Balkan trip... check it out...;)


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