Plovdiv and Nessebar, Where Ancient and Beauty Met

The second day I was in Bulgaria, I continued traveling to Plovdiv with Othman (my new Moroccan friend). We went there from Sofia by hitchhiking and I will write separate story about my hitchhiking experience in Bulgaria and Romania.

St. Sophia Church, Nessebar

Plovdiv European Capital of Culture Monument

I don’t know how to describe Plovdiv normally because things and places that I saw in Plovdiv were beyond amazing! Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria and the old city has even more beautiful ancient buildings than Sofia. When you enter the old city, you will feel like you are brought to the Roman Empire (back then Bulgaria was one of Roman empire’s territory). 

Plovdiv's Ethnography Museum

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take lot of beautiful pictures because of my limited photography skill. But I have to ensure you that Plovdiv showed me things that I never see before in other European countries.  

Nebet Tepe

Getting lost in Plovdiv

The ancient opera was just amazing! But the view that stole my heart in Plovdiv is the view from Nebet Tepe, one of the hills where the ancient town was founded. There are lots of remained ancient fortress walls and towers.

Ancient Theatre

The Walking Tour Group

If I have to rate Plovdiv, I will give 11 out of 10.

After Plovdiv, my next destination in Bulgaria was Nessebar. Nessebar is one of the coastal city in Bulgaria that faced toward the Black Sea.

Nessebar map

Church of Christ Pantocrator

Sunny Beach

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archeologist because I liked to imagine how people from thousand years ago built their home without any helps from machine like now. My trip in Nessebar felt like I was reminded about my thought when I was a kid. 

St. Sophia Church

Nessebar old city is not just beautiful, but also showed how dignified and noble were people from the past. Here you can see a town hall, which used to be the place where people gathered and discussed about problems and plans. It shows how democracy and openness were created in the past.

Town hall

Aside from the beautiful buildings and places, I felt so happy because I was hosted by a very nice and wise guy named Stanislav. He works in Nessebar and has a son named George. Stanislav cooked many delicious Bulgarian foods for me everyday such as fishes, salad, and he made the most delicious pita bread that I’ve ever tasted!

The most delicious pita bread

Black Sea Fishes

Me, Stanislav and George

So in the end, I’m really in love with Bulgaria! The cities are beautiful, people are amazing and friendly, and foods are cheap! I hope I can visit Bulgaria again in the future!

Here is a clip about Bulgaria trip made by Othman, my new Morrocan friend.

to be continued to Romania...

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