Relaxing Labor's Day in Schlosscafe Vienna

Schlosscafe is a café from one of the oldest hotel in Vienna (Park Hotel Vienna). Since today is a public holiday (Labor's Day) I decided to try this café with a friend and it was a nice experience! 

The entrance of Schlosscafe (source:

As the name stated, 'Schloss' means palace. Before I googled the history of this café, I argued that they used this name because it is located near Schönbrunn palace (yeah I know, such a smart and deep argument...-_-;). 

I have to say that the first thought after I entered the café was: "Run! This café is super expensive!" This is a logical thought since they have a luxurious and classic interior. But after I looked the price list, I think it is not as bad as what I expected. The price for a super delicious cake is around 3-4€ which almost the same like the price in some 'student' cafés in Vienna.

Interior inside the café

Way to the toilet

I was quite surprised when I saw some bad reviews about this café because in my opinion this café is very sophisticated and gives exclusive 'typical Viennese café' ambience. So, lesson learned, don't get decived by some reviews until you try it by yourself.

Since I have a super high level of sweet tooth, I always order sweet desserts like cake or ice cream in a café. And they have wide selection of cakes! I was so happy and confuse when I had to choose.  

Choices of cakes

Then I ended choosing Altenbergtorte which is a cake that made of 3 kinds of chocolate. I know, even thinking about it already makes your mouth watering (if not, then at least my mouth). After I tried it, as I thought, this cake is super delicious! Then in 5 minutes, that slice of cake was already gone.


So, if you happen to visit Schönbrunn palace in Vienna, which is by the way also one of my favorite spot in Vienna, you should visit this café. After a long walk in Schönbrunn palace, chilling and enjoying the ambience of this café will be an excellent choice.


Vienna, May 1st, 2017

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